3 Reasons to Love Lifestyle Photography || DC Lifestyle Photographer

A lifestyle session documents the magic in the mundane. The messy bedhead on your son, the oatmeal smeared across your toddler’s toothy-grinning face, the princess costume your daughter wears all. day. every. day. These details lose their magic in the mundane, the routine, the “is it bedtime yet?” feelings of making it through the hard days. But what about when there aren’t any toddlers in your house? Or when your daughter is too big for her favorite costume ever? What about when your first born is off to college, and his bedhead isn’t part of your Saturdays? Those are the details you’ll miss.


A lifestyle session in your home means we’re on your turf! This can be way more comfortable for little ones who might feel a little apprehensive about a stranger showing up, hanging out, and taking their picture. They can show off their bedrooms, build a blanket fort in the living room, snuggle with their four legged best bud. Shooting in your home offers comforts that can’t be found elsewhere! 


Your house is perfect, as is. Can I just straight up tell you, I don’t care what your house looks like? Because I don’t. I don’t care. Your house doesn’t have to look like the reveal on an episode of Fixer Upper. Are your kids’ puzzle pieces strewn all over the floor? That’s okay, I have feet that can step around them. Got a basket of unfolded laundry sitting around? Yeah, me, too, but don’t ask me to confess how long… Got some dog hair on the floor? Yeah, I’ve got that, too.

You know what I do care about? I care about where and how your family lives. Not lives like where your mail is delivered every day, but where you live. How do you spend Saturday mornings? Where do you snuggle your baby when he’s sick and needs mama? Where does your pup hang out during breakfast, just praying your baby tosses over another handful of delicious waffles? That’s what I’ll look for. That’s what I care about. Your home is beautiful just the way it is because it’s where you live. It’s where you love.