Annapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photography || Baby C


I’m so excited to share this sweet, sweet Annapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photography session today! I’ve felt a pull toward this style of newborn photography lately, and I was so thrilled to get to lean into this a little bit earlier this month. I love that a family-centered approach focuses on the whole family, and their connection, as they are getting to know the newest member of their family.

This family is so sweet and so loving; I’m a big, big fan of them. I met the C family because they were looking for a tutor to help them improve their ASL skills. Their sweet boy is Deaf and uses ASL as his language of communication. Their dedication to meeting his need is so touching and inspiring, because as I’ve experienced first hand through my work as a special educator, not every family is willing and able to meet their child’s needs. Language acquisition is critical to learning and independence, and this family has completely rallied around their boy. 

The day of our session, Big Brother wasn’t entirely sure about the whole camera and picture thing. After showing him a couple photos of himself and once he realized that this was just as much about Little Sister as it was him, he totally turned on his charm. He had this super cute, “Oh, the baby can do that? So can I, just watch” kind of attitude. It was hilarious and adorable and made for a really fun morning. 

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