Baltimore Family Photography || Planning Your Session

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Two of the most common questions I get from clients when planning an outdoor session are “where?” and “what time?” Today, I’m taking a few minute to dive a little deeper into these two important questions!

Where will we shoot?

The answer to this questions depends on a few things. What kind of vibe do you want? Do you want an urban feel, with a lot of visual interest, lines, colors, patterns? Or are you into more of a natural, outdoorsy vibe? Once you have this part decided, we can talk about specific options! 

If you like the urban feel, some of my favorite locations include downtown Annapolis, Federal Hill, Fells Point waterfront, and historic Ellicott City!


If you like more of the natural vibe, the options are plentiful! Kinder Farm Park, the Howard County Conservancy, Jefferson Patterson Park, Jonas Green State Park are all beautiful options. Most commonly, though, I’ll recommend my most favorite secret spot in Annapolis. Spring through fall, this location just can’t be beat!


What time will our session be?

It’s obvious that I’m a warm, golden sunlight kinda girl. For this reason, I only shoot close to sunset (or sunrise!) Ideally, our session will start one to two hours before sunset. If we’re in an urban location, we’ll likely start about two hours before sunset, so that we still get plenty of beautiful light before the sun dips behind buildings. If we’re in a park or field, an hour before sunset is our start time. Shooting when the sun is close to the horizon lets me work when the sun is low, soft, warm, and beautiful! Yes, there are photographers who shoot at any time, and yes there’s equipment that I could drag along for sessions earlier in the day when the sun is high… but I’m not that girl. 😉 When booking your session, I’ll be able to tell you sunset time, so you’ll have a ballpark idea of when we’ll start. Once we settle location, we’ll confirm start time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

I know a late start time in the summer months (hello, 9PM sunset times!) can be a concern for mamas of young littles, and I totally get it! My client guide has several tips just for those mamas to help them manage a change in schedule so their babies can still hang for a little bit of a late night. One night won’t hurt the bedtime routine, and I promise it’ll be worth it!