Baltimore Lifestyle Newborn Photographer || Baby Nolan


On the whole, I love babies. I know babies aren’t for everyone, but I. love. babies. And I’m kind of a baby whisperer. 

Babies with lots and lots of hair? 

My love of those babies is on another level. I don’t know why, but whenever I see a baby with a full head of hair, it’s full on OMG HEART EYES FOREVER. 

So when I met baby Nolan, I was all, OMG HEART EYES FOREVER.baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer

He has the sweetest little face, was super chill… and SO MUCH HAIR!

baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-02 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-03 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-04 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-05

Mia, Leigh, and Nolan, thank you so much for letting me hang with you guys. Seeing you guys love on your new baby boy made my heart so happy! It’s obvious that Nolan is cherished so sweetly, and his nursery. SO CUTE! 

baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-06 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-07 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-08 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-09 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-10

baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-011 baltimore-lifestyle-newborn-photographer-012

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