Baltimore Lifestyle Newborn Photography || Baby H


This Baltimore lifestyle newborn photography session was one I’d been waiting for…

Finally, it happened. The day I waited nine (almost 10!) long months for: my best friend had her baby! Last month, Jen + Eric welcomed their beautiful baby boy. I remember the night before he was born, Jen texted me around midnight saying she was having contractions but doubted anything would happen because she had just gone to the doctor the day prior, and there were no signs of labor any time soon. I slept terribly that night, because I kept waking up to check my phone. Around 4AM, she was hospital bound! A couple of hours later, he was here. Just like that, my best friend was a mom.

Watching your best friend become a mom is an incredible thing. Jen has stepped into her role as a mom so beautifully. I’m so proud of her and I love watching her become more comfortable and more confident in her new identity as a mom.

We took a lifestyle approach to Hudson’s session, and I absolutely adore how it turned out!

annapolis-family-photographerNiki: Is having a newborn anything like you expected? Or have there been a lot of surprises?

Jen: We expected some things but other things have surprised us. When people say, “you’re never 100% ready for kids”, they are absolutely right. No amount of preparation prepares you for the amazing life change.  annapolis-family-photographyN: What is your favorite part of being new parents?

J: We love to just look at him, he makes us laugh and we can’t get over how adorable he is!

N: What has surprised you the most since becoming parents?
J: Life has dramatically changed in so many ways there are new surprises ever day.  annapolis-lifestyle-photographer baltimore-lifestyle-photographyN: Does baby look more like mom or dad when you were babies?
J: Hudson looks a lot like his dad when he was a baby, but he has mom’s hair and dimple on one cheek.
N: What are you most looking forward to now as a family of three?
J: We can’t wait until he’s a little older and we get into a routine and can start getting out and about with friends and family! We want to take him everywhere so he gets used to getting up and going place. maryland-lifestyle-photographerN: What’s one piece of advice you’d share with soon-to-be new parents?
J: Bringing home a new baby is beautiful and crazy. It can be tough at times but gets a little better every day, hang in there!  maryland-lifestyle-photography
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