December 2017 Recap!

December was kind of a whirlwind, amiright? Christmas prep and Christmas parties, hanging with my people, birthday parties, a couple of little snows. Don’t forget the cold I fought off. Or the stomach bug. Yep, December was a little nuts but it was fun (aside from that cold and stomach bug that tried to take me down). 

Some of my cousins who live in Southern Maryland had never been to the lights on 34th Street. Say what?! So now that my baby girl Tannar is going to school in Towson, I knew I had to take her! We rounded up her sister and our cousin Jennifer and had a girls’ afternoon in Baltimore. I took them to lunch at R. House, which is super fun, and of course we made a stop at B. Willow. I acquired this cute little test tube thing that’s now housing some of the babies I’m propagating. As the sun set, we headed to Hampden to check out the lights! 

This month included a couple of fun parties, too. Andrew humored me and was my date to the ONE BIG EPIC Holiday party, which was actually a LOT of fun! I had my first ever mule, which was SO good. I had a couple. Okay, several. They were so good, y’all. We danced out little booties off, and I ran into my friend Alicia, the genius over at Alicia Wiley Photography. 

My nephew turned four this month. Insert the crying eyes emoji. I don’t know how this sweet baby is already four, I feel like it wasn’t too long ago I got the text that he was on his way, and now here we are. Four, the funny age that isn’t really a toddler, but still not quite a full fledged little boy. It’s my favorite age. 

My best friend had a couple of days off over the holidays, too, so we had a girls’ day in the city. We went to the Rawlings Conservatory to scope it out because I’ve never been (I know, I grew up in Baltimore yet have never been, what). And since we’re both obsessed with sushi burritos (name a more iconic marriage. I’ll wait.), we went to R. House for lunch. It didn’t disappoint.