Fresh Maryland Maternity Photography|| What to Wear Wednesday


Hey, happy Wednesday! I want to share with you a wardrobe board for a fresh Maryland maternity photography session in today’s What to Wear Wednesday, a series of weekly wardrobes suggestions and tips for pulling together comfortable, cohesive, stylish outfits that reflect you for your session. Check back each week for a new board, or, if you’re looking for a specific type of session, be sure to browse the the tags!

Some general guidelines to keep in mind while picking out your clothes:

  • a neutral paired with shades of one or two colors is always a great place to start
  • don’t be afraid of picking bold but complementary colors
  • layering pieces, like a jacket or scarf, and cool accessories like fun jewelry can add some lots of visual interest to your photos
  • avoid matching outfits; this can look dated and boring
  • try to avoid clothing with screen print graphics or big logos; these do not photograph well

To ensure you’re looking as fantastic as possible for your session, here are a few other helpful tips that sometimes slip our minds:

  • if you have your hair color treated, make sure you’ve recently had it colored
  • make sure everyone’s nails look nice! For the guys, clean and trim is perfectly fine. For the gals, nail polish is lots of fun, just please make sure it’s fresh! Chipped nail polish should be avoided if possible. Nude nails are also perfectly fine!
  • have Chapstick or lip balm handy, even for the guys if they’re willing to use it! Nobody likes dry lips. :)

Today I want to share a fun, stylish board for a maternity session. I’m loving this bright and flowy yellow top, and you can pair it with some items you probably already have in your wardrobe. Check it out!


To find out where to buy these pieces, check out my Polyvore account. For more ideas and inspiration, feel free to browse the tags on the blog or my Pinterest page!