Greenwell State Park Maternity Session


This Greenwell State Park maternity session was one of my absolute favorites from last year. I can’t believe it got lost in mix and never got shared. Today, I fix that!

Last summer, my friend Tara was expecting her third baby boy. We planned a low-key maternity session a couple weeks before she was due, and it turned out beautifully. Like, stunning.


I grabbed a couple of minutes to ask Tara some questions about her third pregnancy. She is kind of Super Mom, juggling two boys already.

Niki: How is pregnancy #3 different than the first two?

Tara: This pregnancy I’ve had a few more complications I never had previously. I spent a couple days in the hospital with stomach bugs and then found out I have a pregnancy related blood disorder. Right now baby and I are both fine, but I had not expected any of this with a third pregnancy!! southern-maryland-family

Niki: Any odd cravings?

Tara: No odd cravings. I’ve been missing my glass of wine with dinner, but only a few weeks to go and I’ll be able to enjoy my moscato!southern-maryland-maternity

Niki: What are you most looking forward to as a family of 5?

Tara: We have always said our favorite time of day is sitting around a big dining room table and enjoying dinner together. I can’t wait until I’ve got a noisy group of boys all eating and demanding attention while we try and get through a meal – very Norman Rockwell meets Modern Family, hahaha!

Niki: Any advice for other expecting mamas with littles at home?

Tara: Rest when you can. I take a nap every day while the little one naps and it’s worth the chores I don’t get done. Enjoy the moments with your husband when the kids are finally asleep and you have about ten minutes before you pass out, too…  and cuddle your littlest while he’s still the baby!southern-md-maternity southern-md-mom sunset-greenwell-state-park-photo

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