Honeymoon Adventures, Part II

Last week I shared the first leg of our honeymoon, so if ya missed it, head over there first! 

We spent a couple of weeks making our way down the west coast. After leaving Olympia, we headed down to Portland. Guys, I was so excited about Portland but I had the weirdest vibe the whole time we were there! I don’t know why, but it really messed with me and I just felt weird the whole time. Our AirBnB was adorable and I got my hands on some Voodoo Doughnuts, but that’s really it from Portland…

From Portland we made our way to the redwoods. We spent a couple of days camping and hiking in Jedidiah Smith State Park and the surrounding area. The height of those trees is truly humbling! 

After the redwoods, we headed to San Francisco! I loved San Francisco, despite the obnoxious, barking-all-day-and-all-night long dog at our AirBnB. We hiked part of the coastal trail, watched whales out in the Pacific, and scoped out some good vegan eats. I wasn’t prepared for how chilly San Francisco is, even in July, so luckily I packed a pair of jeans! For one meal, we ate at Mozzeria, a Deaf-owned pizza shop, which was kind of neat. The all vegan sushi place we tried was amazing, though. They opened at 5, and by 5:20, there was already a wait to be seated! Crazy. The architecture in San Francisco is beautiful, too. If you drive a stick shift, though, I highly recommend NOT driving it in San Francisco. That was terrifying. 

We made a quick visit to Yosemite on our way to Sequoia National Park. I wish we had more time at Yosemite because it is stunningly beautiful. It was also jam packed!

We spent several days in Sequoia National Park/Forest. So, the difference between sequoias and redwoods is the height and width. While they’re related, kind of like cousins, redwoods are taller but sequoias are wider. Being among the sequoias was truly humbling. We camped in the forest along the Kern River, and it was the most lovely little oasis. It wasn’t until this location when I really noticed the stars. That was incredible. One of my favorite parts of our whole trip. 

From Sequoia, we headed to Death Valley. Holy shit. It was ungodly hot. It was so hot, we had to turn off the AC because the car started to overheat. SO. HOT. It was neat to see how iron changed the color of rocks; some parts of the park were really colorful! We visited Badwater Basin, too, but it was so, so, so hot I spent maybe five minutes walking around before getting back in the car. We decided to add an extra element of fun by not checking the gas tank before really getting into the park, so I spent the last 20 minutes of our ride through the park praying to not run out of gas in the hottest park we’d been to where we saw literally only one other car that passed us long, long ago. Thankfully, we didn’t, but I was really worried! Note: I was not the driver. 😉 

Arizona was a beauty! We did a raft tour along the Colorado, which felt pretty touristy, but it was beautiful! We walked quite a bit along the South Rim Trail and stopped at Horseshoe Bend, too. That was another ungodly hot walk, but the desert is the ultimate work/reward system. If you can hang tough to make it through the hot, hot day, when the sun starts to set, you’re rewarded with really pleasant evenings. 


Next week I’ll wrap up our honeymoon trip with Utah, Colorado, and my birthday!