Hudson’s First Birthday in Annapolis


One of my favorite sessions of this year is this Annapolis first birthday session. Last month, my best friend’s baby turned one and it was a bit of a bittersweet moment. It hardly seems like a year has passed since we welcomed him earth side, and yet somehow he’s now a toddler, cruising around, sporting several teeth.

Jen warned me that Hudson wasn’t feel great that day, and the sun hid for most of the day. We debated back and forth about whether or not this session would happen that day, but Jen decided to give it a try. The sun came out for just a bit, Hudson was a good sport, and these images just make my heart burst. From his too cool harem shorts to his funny faces, his chubby little ankles and his wide-eyed wonderment that comes from being so little, I could eat him up.

Huddy buddy, you bring so much joy and laughter to those around you. You make the best facial expressions, which undoubtedly comes from your mama, and your big belly laugh is to die for. I hope you always know how loved you are, sweet boy!

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