July Events in the DMV


July is just around the corner! That means one thing: summer vacation is in full swing. If you’re a mama or a nanny looking for ways to just make it through the day, this post is for you!

In my days of nannying a toddler, and later that toddler and his little brother, I had a pretty solid strategy. We’d have some some playtime at home until about 9, then I’d pack them up, diapers and pouches in hand, and we’d head out for the morning. We had a different activity each morning, but the goal was always the same: tire them out for a good nap. As long as they got out in the morning and got some meaningful stimulation, they were good nappers (I lucked out). When our activity was over, sometimes we’d eat out, picking up lunch or having a picnic. After lunch, it was NAP TIME! The boys were solid nappers, at least two hours most afternoons. Our afternoons were usually spent in the yard, digging up worms and riding bikes.

I’m convinced the key to our mostly smooth, fun summer days was getting out of the house in the morning. Some days were harder than others, hands down, and the boys’ ages and abilities definitely played a role in what exactly we did. But I also know the days we were cooped up inside all day were hell. I don’t say that to disparage them, but entertaining two wild, curious boys in a house for 8+ hours is HARD WORK. 

So, all that to say: planning some fun activities for your kiddos is gonna help make your summer more fun for everyone! Macaroni Kid is such a helpful resource for finding local events in your area. Just click the link to find events in your area!

Macaroni Kid Annapolis

Macaroni Kid Timonium/North Baltimore

Macaroni Kid Northwest Baltimore

Macaroni Kid Columbia/Ellicott City 

Macaroni Kid DC

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