Four Things I Loved About Lucy’s Newborn Session


Today is a super day because I get to share my first newborn session of 2016! Sweet little Lucy made her arrival earth side the second week of February, and we had a great session! I was very much looking forward to this session, because I adore this family, but also because it was my first session since purchasing the Rachel Vanoven newborn guide – which I have studied extensively, haha! Lucy was an easy going little lady who made my job super easy, and I’m feeling kinda proud of this session.baltimore-newborn-photo


So, here are four things I loved about Lucy’s newborn session!

  1. Lucy’s family. On the drive home from our session, I realized this was the fifth time I photographed this family. What I love most about working with them is that reconnecting with them feels like catching up with old friends. It doesn’t feel like work; instead, I get to spend time with people whose company I enjoy, hang out with their little lady, and snuggle their baby. Kristin and Pat have such a fun, easy going vibe and I love that they approach their roles as parents with love, grace, and a wicked sense of humor.lucys-newborn-session
  2. Mama’s love and awe. I always give mamas the option of hanging out with baby and me during our session or getting a meal to themselves/a shower/a nap/whatever. Like I said, photographing Kristin and her family feels more like hanging out, so I was happy when she hung out with us while I worked. I loved the look on her face, a genuine smile lighting up, when she looked at Lucy. Almost palpable.newborn-lifestyle-baltimore
  3. Her hair. I mean, how fabulous is her hair? It wasn’t too surprising because big sister Hazel had a full head of hair as a newborn, too. I love seeing how genetics play out among siblings and how similar or different they are. baltimore-newborn-photographerbaltimore-newborn
  4. Her chub. Oh, Lucy. Your chubby arms, your back rolls, you sweet cheeks. I could eat you up!annapolis-newborn