Niki Jones Photography Promotional Film


It’s here! It’s finally here! The Niki Jones Photography promotional film is here! I recently blogged about creating a promotional film for my business, and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. It was the day or two after our second filming, and I was working in a Starbucks. For some reason, getting out of the house and in a different space is super productive for me lately.

So, I was working away at my laptop in the corner at Starbucks. I was texting my little brother back and forth. I think it was when he likened our dad to Jason (not to be confused with Jason of Thuis Studios, a key player in this project!) that I busted out laughing. An important note: to be fair to my dad, I don’t think there are many similarities between Jason Voorheese and my dad besides being white dudes. 

Anyway. Back to this film! If you’ve heard me laugh, you know I don’t laugh quietly. An older patron in the store turned to look when I laughed it was so loud and unexpected. A few minutes after my outburst, I got a text from Brynn with a link to preview my film. And I cried, y’all, just in the middle of Starbucks. Luckily I didn’t cry nearly as loudly as I laughed, but if anyone were paying attention to me, they may have questioned my emotional stability.

Whatever, I’m an emotional being. Insert crying/laughing emoji here. 

So, without much more ado, here it is! First and foremost, thank you to Thuis Studios for once again knocking this out of the park. Brynn’s dedication to her craft and her clients is genuine and inspiring. Jason is a boss for taking shot after shot on the Ronin. Pam capture the most perfect behind-the-scenes, session-in-progress photos for me and I’m so grateful for her and her art. Big, huge thank you to both families who participated, endured my wee neuroses over all the tiny details, were patient and gracious and FUN. Lastly, thanks to my sweet, sweet husband for tagging along, playing assistant, and reminding me to just be cool and do what I do. 

Thuis Studios is an Annapolis-based wedding and lifestyle cinematography studio serving couples and families in Maryland and beyond. The Thuis team can be found on their website, Vimeo, and Facebook