NJP Client Wardrobe

I’ve learned that one of the major stress points for clients when planning their session is the styling component. I have a variety of resources available to clients to alleviate this stress, including a what to wear section of my session guide, blog posts regarding styling, and making myself available via email/text to share pictures and ideas. 

Another resource I offer clients that I’m SUPER excited about: the NJP client wardrobe!

I decided to start a small client wardrobe as another way to help clients select outfits that feel comfortable and photograph beautifully. The client wardrobe currently has fun, feminine dresses for the mamas, many of which easily work for maternity sessions or family sessions! 

Check out some of the dresses currently available in the NJP client wardrobe!

Light Pink Off-the-Shoulder Maxi

This maxi is a size medium, but the elastic shoulder and flowy skirt easily size up or down a size.

This combo of pieces is one of my favorites. This off-the-shoulder pink blouse is a medium. The floral skirt is a size large, but the waist is not elastic, so it’s best suited for mamas whose babies are sitting a little higher. Liesl’s sweet baby is sitting low, so she was unable to clasp the fastener. The lace kimono is one size fits most and I love the fun, boho feel it adds.

This off white maxi is a favorite of mine, and the lace kimono compliments it perfectly! This dress is a size large, but we were able to adjust the straps and tie the back to secure it around the bust for Liesl, and once you place your hands on your bump, a slightly loose-fitting waist is irrelevant!

Here’s the same dress without the kimono!

Y’all, this purple one might be my favorite. I love the sleeves, which have a “cape” like look. I’m sure there’s a more technical term for it, but the seam under the arm isn’t attached like a typical sleeve (see the middle picture). I just love the color, the draped look. It’s a size large, and with a discrete safety pin, we were able to pin the bust to prevent any Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunctions. 

This soft pink dress is a dream boat. It’s the perfect shade of pink – vibrant, but not like… bubble gum pink. The back is open, and this dress is best worn braless. 

Which ensemble do you like the most? Is there a classic piece you’d love to see in the wardrobe?