No Sleep ’til Brooklyn!

So it’s kind of funny to be 30 and still have “first” experiences. Last month, I visited NYC for the first time! I know, crazy right?

I spent the weekend in Brooklyn for a workshop with Sarah-beth Photography and Candice, the Blissful Maven. Talk about blissful. See what I did there…

I’ve known Sarah for a while and have mentored with her multiple times. Seeing her is always kind of affirming for me. It can be tough to run your own business. Really tough, sometimes, with doubts, fear, criticism, etc. Sarah always reassures me that as long as I’m doing what is true to me… that’s what counts.

This trip was my first time meeting Candice, and sometimes, you just gel with someone so well. She was incredibly kind and sweet and supportive. And her art continually inspires me to get a little bit outside of my comfort zone. 

My time in NYC also included eating at Modern Love, getting lost a couple of times, checking out the Adorama shop in Manhattan, and getting my car towed. A genuine New York experience, eh?