Southern MD Lifestyle Newborn Photography || Baby S


Maybe you’ve noticed that lately, I’m leaning into lifestyle photography. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all about warm, dreamy sunset family sessions! I think outdoor family photography will always be my favorite. Given the weather in this season, though, I’m soaking up every opportunity I have to explore lifestyle photography.

This lifestyle newborn photography session brings me so much joy! The S family recently welcomed their second baby girl to their beautiful family, and she’s a total doll baby. 

The S family was a dream to work with. They are fun and sweet and so laid back. Their go-with-the-flow attitude so perfectly compliments the sometimes unpredictable nature of toddlers and babies. Big Sister wasn’t really sure about hanging with her family at first, but luckily Daddy had a couple of tricks up his sleeve to persuade her to join us. One of his tricks included a crazy song, but it did the trick and Big Sister gave in to our requests.

From Baby Sister’s scrunched up face before she cried to Big Sister and Daddy’s sweet nose kisses, the furry four legged siblings who joined us and Mama loving on her baby, this session is all things sweet and loving. 

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