That weekend I did my first in-person client consult…

My weekend was the best mix of work and play, productive and habitative (yes, that actually is a word).

Saturday mornings are generally dedicated to yoga. I’ve found a teacher I feel comfortable with and I love starting my weekends with an hour all to myself, for myself, first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon I hung out with my mama. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to take her out for lunch to celebrate her birthday. We ended up at my favorite Chinese place in the whole wide world. How do you like that? We go out for her birthday and end up at one of my favorite restaurants, haha.

Sunday morning I met up with a client for an in-person consultation. One of the ways I’m enhancing my service to my clients this year is pre-session consultations. I think a pre-session consultation with real conversations instead of email – whether over FaceTime or in person – are so important to a collaborative and effective planning process! A better planning process makes for a better session and end product. We’re humans, we need connection beyond just words on a screen. Consulting before your session allows us to do just that.

Jeanee and I are planning a mommy and me session for her and her little lady later this spring. We had talked a little bit via email about what she was looking for, she had sent me some pictures of elements she likes, but I suggested an in person consultation and she was all for it! I’m SO glad she was, because we had the opportunity to really talk about what she’s envisioning and look at ideas for locations, outfits, and styling together. Over the course of our conversation, I realized that the ideas I initially came with based on our previous emails really weren’t what she had in her head. We both found ourselves saying, “I know what it looks like in my brain, I’m just having a hard time explaining it in words!” We eventually found ourselves with a solid start to a mood board for her session, and we’re both insanely excited. Her session is going to be much more stylized than I’ve previously done, but it’s going to be gorgeous. We’re going with a bright, vibrant, jewel toned color palette with a fun, bohemian-esque style. Take a peek at our mood board here!