Three Great Tools for Selecting Outfits for Family Photos


I recently shared a two-part mega post with 10 super important tips for picking out what to wear for family photography. If you haven’t read it yet, go. Go read it, and then come back. If you have, yay!

Today I want to share three awesome tools for helping you select outfits for family photos.

  1. Design Seeds – I recently stumbled upon Design Seeds, a wickedly fun, cool website that focuses exclusively on beautiful color palettes. While Design Seeds doesn’t give specific names to their colors, the palettes Jessica creates are gorgeous and beautiful and so yummy. You can browse the feed chronologically, or search by theme. Here are just a couple that I LOVE!

Color Palette Design: Design Seeds

Image Courtesy of @ozgecenberci


Color Palette Design: Design Seeds

Image Courtesy of @fairynuffflower

2. Cardigan Empire – Doesn’t the name just sound stylish and cozy and fun? Reachel specializes in style and fashion, and has created several cool resources. In the sidebar on her website, she has a section dedicated to styling by body shape, color, or style. I highly recommend checking it out!

3. Yours truly! That’s right, me! I LOVE helping clients put together their outfits. I know it can be stressful picking your outfits, but I am here to help. Not sure where to get started? I can make suggestions for blogs and shops alike. Found the perfect dress for your baby girl but need help finding a complimentary outfit for your husband? I can help. Think you’ve finalized your choices but want a sounding board? Shoot me a text, or two, or ten. I welcome emails and texts with images of what you’re considering. I would much rather take the time and care to help you select fun, stylish outfits that everyone feels wonderful in than have you show up the day of your session feel less than amazing because you didn’t want to bother me. You are not bothering me. It is my job to help you with these things!