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Annapolis Family Photography

I called out a direction to mom and dad, and as I did, I heard two quiet giggles behind me. I quickly turned to take a glance at the kids behind us, and when I did, I saw big brother Ethan half-cradling, half-swinging his little brother Reece, who was clutching onto his brother’s neck. Both boys had huge grins across their faces, giggling, and Ethan swung Reece side to side. Their sweet sister Addie watched them with a look on her face that told me her brothers’ antics at our session were not unusual.

My session with the incredibly sweet, kind, joyful, loving V family was one of the two sessions I planned for my promotional film. I cannot say enough kind things about them, and I am so grateful to them for helping me with this project. I couldn’t have asked for a better session with them.

To see some behind the scenes images from our session, click here!











If you’re interested in seeing the film that resulted from this session, click over to this post to watch it!

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