Wall Art Wednesday

Today I’m sharing a variety of options for single wood photoblocks. Whether you want a single wood photo block to be a statement piece on your wall, to compliment photos already hanging in your home, or dress up your desk, there are options to fit any size!

It’s no secret I like big prints (and I cannot lie). This photo block is 16×20 inches; the added frames gives it a total measurement of 20×28 inches. 


This photo block/chalkboard combo would be perfect in a kitchen to jot down reminders for meals, play dates, or doctor appointments! The photo block itself measures 8×5 inches, but the entire piece 20×28 inches!


This is a slightly smaller version of the first framed photo block. This one is 12×16 inches in total; the photo block itself measures 12×16 inches. 


This little photo block measures 8×12 inches. Photo blocks in a similar style (without the frame) are available in 5×7 inches and 4×6 inches photo blocks, too!