Wall Art Wednesday

Today on Wall Art Wednesday, I’m sharing a couple of gallery wall options! I love gallery photo block walls because I like creating a larger display with several images, ya know? 

This one, called Photo Wall #5, features five blocks (hence the name!) and a fun wooden ampersand (that could easily be swapped out for the first letter of your last name!). This photo wall features:

  • 2 8×12 inch blocks
  • 1 8×8 inch block
  • 1 16×16 inch block
  • 1 16×24 inch block

In total, this display, measures approximately 24×40 inches. This number could change depending on how closely you space your blocks together.


Photo Wall #4 makes a big statement with four photo blocks! This gallery includes:

  • 2 16×16 inch blocks
  • 2 16×24 inch blocks


The total size is about 32×40 inches. Gorgeous!

This last set, only 3 blocks, is, in one word: PERFECT! This beautiful combination of large photoblocks can hang in any room. If you don’t want a whole wall of pictures but a eye catcher with your three favorite photos, then this wall is perfect for you! This includes:

  • 2 16×16 blocks
  • 1 16×24 block

The total measurement is 16×55 inches. 

Want to see more samples of wall art for your portraits? Click the “PRODUCT” tag!