That weekend I got my wedding dress


Andrew and I have been engaged since September, and though we’ve been planning our wedding since the get-go, essentially, shopping for my wedding dress made everything infinitely more real. I guess it’s because although we’ve met with vendors and signed contracts and paid deposits, The Wedding Dress is a tangible indicator of “holy smokes this is a real thing, it’s actually happening.”

I went wedding dress shopping in March. I was a little anxious going into it, because I was worried I wouldn’t find one I loved. Several people had told me going in March was “cutting it close” to the wedding date, so the thought of not having enough time was anxiety inducing. In hind sight, I wish I had given them a bit of advice I learned from Thumper as a little girl… Never the less, I rounded up my mama and my bridesmaids, and we were off to dress shop!

My brother said, "What's MOH?"

I had a couple of ideas of elements I liked and what might work for my body (mermaid style? Nope!). My consultant was so nice and so patient,and I’m really grateful for it because I tried on what felt like 20 dresses. In reality, I think it was maybe 8.

The first dress I tried on was one I had seen online and brought a picture of with me. I put it on and really liked it, but I couldn’t decide after just the first one, ya know? I tried on two or three more, and at that point, I was ready to put the first one back on because I thought it was The One. My consultant suggested I try a few other styles before going back to the first one, and although I knew inside it was the first one, I obliged. I ended up in a dress that I actually liked much more than dresses after the first, but it still didn’t feel quite right. I finally ended up back in the first dress, and as soon as it was on, before looking at myself in it again, I just knew: this is The Dress I’ll marry Andrew in!

Then there was crying and laughing and hugging and that was it! That was the weekend I got my wedding dress!