Hello, I'm Niki! I'm a dedicated wife to Andrew, proud mama to our beautiful girls, Ruby and River, and your trusted partner in capturing real, joyful moments as a Maryland Family Photographer.

Meet Niki
A Passionate Maryland Family Photographer


Balancing Photography and Motherhood

Photography is my passion, and I've built my business around the chaotic but fulfilling rhythm of family life – naps, snacks, and little adventures with my sweet girls. I used to worry about losing myself in motherhood, but in reality, I've found myself in ways I never imagined. 

Prior to becoming a mom, I was a special ed pre-k teacher! Actually, I still maintain my certification, but I taught special ed for 9 years in variety of settings with lots of different kiddos. When you combine my years of experience as a nanny and teacher, we're talking like, 20 years. Translation: I love kids! I get kids. If yours show up a little wild or shy, it's all good. 

You don't need to bribe or coach your kids. Don't force anything. Let them be who they are. Just be ready to love on them the best you know how. I'll handle the rest.

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